Frequently Asked Questions


What devices can I use C Notes on?

C Notes can only be used on the iPad and iPad Mini. It cannot be used on iPhones, Desktops, Laptops, Androids or Windows Tablets. We are considering it’s usefulness on other devices.   

How do I store my notes in my Practice Management Software?

C Notes has integrated with Dropbox. With the touch of a button C Notes sends the written note in a text version and a pdf version to Dropbox.  For the text version, it's a simple Copy/Paste into your patient's chart where you currently write treatment notes. You also have the option of placing the PDF version of the note in the attachments folder of your patient's chart for easy correspondence with the insurance company.  

Can I print my notes?

Yes, you can! It is easy to print your C Notes just as would print from any iPad or computer.

My software doesn't allow to upload PDFs. What do I do?

All Practice Management Software allow for attachments to a patient's file, but how to do it can vary depending on the software system that you use.  This should be a standard feature of any software system!

Call Us When You Sign Up

We can help you integrate C Notes with your dental software. Call us to schedule an appointment. Currently, we integrate with all dental practice software via Dropbox. We recommend utilizing Sookasa for Dropbox for secure HIPAA compliance.

Getting Started

How can I get C Notes?

First, create a subscription account here on this website. You can begin with the Start Now button. C Notes can then be downloaded from the App Store on your iPad.  Once you open the C Notes App on your iPad then press Sign In and follow the prompts to start writing. If you have already downloaded the C Notes app and do not have a subscription you can also get started by pressing Create An Account when you first open the C Notes app and the prompts will direct you to create a subscription.

How does the C Notes subscription work?

C Notes is a subscription-based service. This way your version of C Notes will never grow old because you will always have the latest version.  You will be billed yearly or monthly for your subscription. With yearly subscriptions, you get 2 months free! 

What Subscription Types Does C Notes Offer?

C Notes believes that a basic license should enable a dental office to function more efficiently. Giving you the tools to function efficiently in a solo practitioner’s office should include the capability for the hygienist and doctor to use C Notes independent of each other. That’s why the C Notes Solo subscription allows 5 iPads to function simultaneously under the same account. If you have a larger office you can increase the number of iPads under your subscription at discounted savings.

What are your accepted payment methods?

C Notes Solo: Up to 5 iPads, $799.99 annually or $79.99 monthly
C Notes Group: Up to 10 iPads, $1299.99 annually or $129.99 monthly

For larger purchases contact us at for details.

Accepted Payment Methods:
We accept debit cards with the Visa or Mastercard logo.
We accept the following credit cards:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express

Account Maintenance and Billing

How to Manage Your Subscription Through C Notes

You can manage your C Notes subscription by logging in to your account.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by following the instructions here.

Navigating C Notes

Do I have to watch the tutorial?

We strongly encourage you to watch the C Notes tutorials before you get started. Knowing what to do and how C Notes is laid out can save you minutes in writing your notes. We have found that the tutorials answer a great number of questions you might have as a beginner C Notes writer. Once you get used to where things are you can then navigate C Notes much more quickly.

We also recommend that you call us at 504-684-2389 to schedule a free live tutorial with one of our trainers to get you up and going.

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