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Streamlining integration with practice software systems

C Notes was created to make note writing complete and easy.

C Notes is practice software used to write clinical notes. Utilizing the touchpad benefits of an iPad, C Notes writes clinical notes easily without having to type and compose sentences.

You wish you had a template for every situation. Now you do! Allowing the practitioner to write complete detailed notes efficiently frees up practice time. For the active practice where both the staff and doctor write notes, C Notes levels the playing field so all notes will be written with the same detail. 

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C Notes Features

Removes a major barrier to going paperless

Generates an accurate detailed clinical notes

Interactive charts and images

Reduces errors and omissions

Improves risk management.

Creates comprehensive notes without typing

Quicker than templates, typed notes, handwritten notes, or dictation

No burdensome checklists to reduce efficiency

Specific notes to be written without editing

Supports 11 dental departments including implants

Robust examination department

Contains custom digital consent forms tailored to your consult

Allows digital patient signatures

Secure encryption transfer of patient data information

Integrates with Dropbox so notes can be accessed remotely

Easily added to patient treatment notes or patient attachments folder

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Customer Reviews

What our clients are saying

Jane Dougherty
Jane Dougherty
Customer Review

After so many failed attempts were finally able to go paperless after switching to cNotes.

Johnathan Doberman
Johnathan Doberman
Customer Review

Using cNotes has helped us cut down on so many of the errors that used to reoccur all the time. We can't live without it.

Joseph Dominguez
Joseph Dominguez
Customer Review

cNotes has saved our team so much time since it takes care of all the tasks that used to require micromanagement.

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