Refer a Friend

C Notes Referral Program

How The C Notes Referral Offer Works

If you have a friend or colleague that is interested in C Notes notify us at and give us their name. The email should say for example, "This is Dr. Bob Smith. I am referring Dr. John Jones to C Notes".  When your C Notes friend signs up your account will be credited with a C Notes Primary subscription for a month free! They will get 10% off of their purchase. Refer as many subscribers as you wish.

If you are the new subscriber you should email the referring subscriber's name and dental license number (C Notes number) to when you sign up.  The email should say something like "This is Dr. Bob Smith. I just subscribed to C Notes. I was referred by Dr. John Roberts. His number is LA1234." From there we will take care of the rest. The new subscriber will get 10% off of their purchase and the referring subscriber will get a month free ($36.99 value)!