C Notes is practice software used to write clinical notes. Utilizing the touchpad benefits of an iPad, C Notes writes clinical notes easily without having to type and compose sentences.  

C Notes (short for Centric Notes) enables fast detailed note writing by either the dentist or staff.  C Notes is targeted at any practitioner that wants to save time writing notes. Covering 11 dental departments a C Note can be written for any treatment procedure in dentistry. C Notes utilizes what we call "decision-making trees", so a note can be written with specifics to what occurred with a particular patient. C Notes goes a step further than template writing. We consider C Notes "templates on steroids" without all of the editing involved. C Notes solves the problem of producing medical notes quickly without the need for manual editing of templates and burdensome checklists. Now your entire staff can be writing great detailed notes with C Notes.  Once a C Note is created it can be sent to your preferred dental software system with secure encryption or it can be printed to be placed in a paper chart. There is a modern emphasis by dental insurance providers to require clinical notes vs. narratives when submitting your pre-determinations and claims. Narratives are not considered legal documents.  The only acceptable legal written documentation for reimbursement review is clinical notes.  Insurance providers consider narratives an unreliable source of information. For expeditious reimbursement, an emphasis is now placed on providing necessary documentation through your legal clinical notes.

C Notes was created to make note writing complete and easy.

You wish you had a template for every situation. Now you do! Allowing the practitioner to write complete detailed notes efficiently frees up practice time. For the active practice where both the staff and doctor write notes, C Notes levels the playing field so all notes will be written with the same detail. 

C Notes gives the practitioner peace of mind

Writing comprehensive notes is important to document what was done to facilitate insurance reimbursement, or maintain complete records in the event of a malpractice lawsuit.  Detailed clinical notes are a necessity.  Notes that are well documented reduce errors and omissions which are important to give you peace of mind knowing that your practice is protected. Welcome to C Notes.